small2Oxford Instruments is an Oxford, UK-based music blog. We write about appropriate music and instruments of the day with no particular genre in focus. In 2014, Oxford Instruments was one of the top instrumental blogs of 2014.

Our aim is to transform musical instruments into better versions of themselves. From guitars and ukuleles to mandolins and banjos, our work is concentrated on art and artistic restoration.

Oxford Instruments is both our brand and business as we specialize in traditional instruments that we repair, restore and resell. Our focus is to recycle old instruments so that they can survive another hundred years in the hands of talented musicians.

We aim to bring awareness to music and instruments that may be undervalued or overlooked by mainstream media. Oxford Instruments also pays homage to the iconic musical instruments. Our writers are based all over the UK and in Ireland.

Since the start of our blog in 2008, we have since established relationships with various record labels and many prominent musical museums. We have developed an enthusiastic reputation with our hundreds of articles about the many instruments we’ve uncovered around the world.