Which instruments should you learn to play as a kid?


Did you know, research tells us that children are actually able to hear music while still in the womb? While we can’t expect our kids to play a musical instrument at the age of 6 months, we can, however, introduce them to the love of music.

Age 5 +

For children ages 5 and above, the best way to start their passion for music is to take a violin or piano lesson. Most teachers at this stage are often creative as musical activities such as crafts and games are involved.

Piano lessons are often the easiest for younger children as piano makes a great foundation for children to understand the basics of music concepts such as the notes, music alphabet and the location of the keys.

If they aren’t interested in the piano, the violin is also a great foundation.

Ages 7+

For children at the age of 7, musical instruments such as the guitar, drums, cello and other string-type instruments are great. Children who grow up with the concepts of musical notes will find it easier to transition between multiple instruments.


Ages 10+

Most schools provide musical lessons and classes that give children the opportunity to join a band or play in an orchestra. While this is a great opportunity for children to become socially involved in music, most children require special music attention or they might become discouraged.

Allow children to play the instruments that interest them. Let your child be the guide in choosing which instruments to play. For children who like to be the star of the show, the flute is a great instrument as flutists are often in front of the band. Other instruments to try for extroverts are the trumpet and saxophone.

What instruments have you played as a kid?