3 famous instruments you didn’t know were British


British folk music has passed through tradition all over Europe. These traditional instruments include the Flute, Violin, and Guitar. Check out these three famous instruments you didn’t know were British.



Originating in Ireland, the flute is an aerophone instrument that produces sound based on air flow over the opening. A small wooden flute, also known as the fife, has appeared in traditional folk music. They are the earliest form of a musical instrument as flutes have been used for more than 35,000 years. Since then, Flutes can be found everywhere from China, Spain, Germany, Japan, India and more.



Originating in Scotland, the violin is a small, high-pitched wooden instrument. This instrument uses a drawing bow to play across the strings. Violins are known for their use in jazz, rock music, and country music. The violin is played all over the world as its present form emerged during the early 15th century in Italy.



Originating in England, the Guitar is classified as a string instrument that usually has six strings but may contain anywhere from four to sixteen strings. The guitar is often played with plucking or strumming the instrument. Guitars are traditionally constructed with the use of wood with nylon or steel strings. Guitars are used in musical genres such as the blues, flamenco, jazz, mariachi, reggae, soul, and more.

What other British instruments do you know of?